Emanations | Full Moon and Eclipse June 15 2011

Ciclo 7 | Vuelo 24 | Día Solar: 356 | Día Lunar: 11 | Gregoriano: 11/6/11

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Previous: Looking into the disposition of the heavens is to restitute unseen worlds remembering the different roles we perform in the music of the spheres as vibrational keys, diverse as the life we are while we move through space, giving colorus and shapes to our manifest worlds.
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Greetings. Due to loads of information in this flight we only bring precise information on the different emanations bathing us these days. In the ocming hours and days, additional information on each of the cycles detailing the emanations will be published so you can synchronize to them in your daily life. Further down there are links to other posts on eclipses, history and last New Moon.

A summary:

  • We will live the second of three eclipses happening these weeks
  • New Moon emanated The Roaring of the Tides | Now Full Moon emanates The Silencing
  • June 1 Eclipse emanated Power Struggles | June 15 Eclipse emanates Censorship
  • Dispositions from the Solar System in the New Moon: The Restrain | Now for the Full Moon: The Shadowing
  • Dispositions seen from the Earth > for the New Moon we saw The Sprouts | For the Full Moon we will see Repression
  • Drawn in heavens New Geographies are still outlining


Gigantes Solares

  • Drawn in heavens: New Geographies
  • Dispositions for the Lunar Month from the Sun > The Shadowing
  • Dispositions for the Lunar Month from the Earth > Repression


Ciclo Solar

  • Journeying over the planet crossing Appeasement (synchronize here) for the Southern Hemisphere and Growth (synchronize here) for the Northern Hemisphere
  • Southern Hemisphere has 4 days left to next Solar Cycle, form June 15 to 20 we will enter the 5 days out of time
  • June 21 2011 Solstice, Summer in Norther Hemisphere and Winter in Southern Hemisphere
  • That day, we will start a new Solar Cycle or New Solar Year in Southern Hemisphere
  • We will journey starting with the Solstice, Rebirth (synchronize here) for the Southern Hemisphere and Reproduction (synchronize here) for Northern Hemisphere

For those following the Transition to the Next Solar Cycle in Southern Hemisphere, dates of the remaining phases and for those who just arrived, download here > Guide for Transition to Next Solar Cycle

  • Stretch 7 – Farewell to come back: June 6 to 15
  • Stretch 8 – Withdrawal: 5 days before Winter Solstice June 16 to 20


Ciclo Lunar

  • Vital Emanation for the Full Moon: The Silencing
  • Eclipse June 15 Emanations: Censorship

For additional information on this eclipse visibility click on this link


  • Partial Solar June 1 | Greatest Intensity 21:16:11 UT (17:16:11 BOL)
  • Total Lunar June 15 | Greatest Intensity 20:13:43 UT (16:13:43 BOL)

Lunar Month Dates:

  • New > Wednesday, June 1 21:03 UT (17:03 BOL)
  • Crescent > Thursday, June 9 02:11 UT (Wednesday June 8 22:11 BOL)
  • Full > Wednesday June 15 20:14 UT (16:14 BOL)
  • Waning > Thursday, June 23 11:48 UT (07:48 BOL)
Fuente: U.S. Naval Observatory


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