Los Bosques greeting card for new Solar Phase: Samhain Beltane May 5 2011

This virtual card from Los Bosques greets the new Solar phase, marked by the middle point between last equinox and the next solstice: Appeasement in the Southern Hemisphere and Growth to the North, also known these phases among the alive memories of peoples, as Beltane and Samhain, and in these highlands of La Paz as Fiesta de la Cruz.

The exact day and time for this middlepoint | quarter | mid-season > Thursday, May 5 2011, 20:20 UT (16:20 BOL)

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In the distance and deep inside horses hooves approach,
frantic race in the search for life asleep and fires unattended,
shaking drowsiness that turned us into spectators,
stirring up accumulated dust in oblivions that make us walk absent,
resounding the force of their march in our dormant skin,
passing on to us the rebelliousness of their mane against trapping winds,
neighing our sanities to de-crystallize paralyzing spells,
caressing the air with the smoothness of their fur not synthetic roughness,
speaking with movements that leave words hollow and useless,
looking for grass recently cut and humid soil not oppressing concrete,
without closing the eyes when danger emerges so lies do not enter,
reaching other worlds in their walk without resorting to pre-fabricated concepts,
and others without justifying diversities nor disguising appearances,
and to us, for in the reverberation of their hooves spaces widen and frontiers shrink,
in skies that are but cannot be seen, in starts pointing to the origin though they are no longer,
in geometries understood only chasing life with the spirit of the free herd.

May the South return to its origins while veils fade between worlds
and the North remember these tides as expansion of life and not as its control!

May to the South unseen worlds wake up restituting life!

May to the North arms silence letting nature return the usurped!

May South and North replace survival with life!


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