Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse June 4 | Transit of Venus June 6 2012

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Ciclo 8 | Vuelo 26 | Día Solar: 346 | Día Lunar: 26 | Gregoriano: 31/V/12


Greetings. This flight brings the energies of the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Transit of Venus

Drawn in Heavens > The Barge of the Black Dragon still guiding us (see more here)

Solar Dispositions for the Full Moon and Eclipse on June 4 2012 > The Initiator
Two conjunctions consolidate the relocation for magnetic centers that started with the New Moon (see more here).The first one is Saturn with Mars neutralizing tensions. The second conjunction is Venus and Earth that is part of the transit expected for June 6, but before that, along with Chiron, Neptune and Mercury, they tune in the magnetic centers in the adequate frequencies.

Solar Dispositions for the Transit of Venus 6 June 2012 > Reverse Magnetization
Expectations are overflowing us with this cosmic movement that will not be seen again till next century. Las Pichitankas bring the specific footprints of this moment through the interactions of the Solar System planets, you will find additional informaiton in these links:

Solar Giants made room for the Transit of Venus and all the rest is put off or aside, leaving the scenery to just a three-point vortex. Obviously, the main one is Earth-Venus conjunction speaking by itself of magnetization, although we are used to consider magnetization only as a phenomenon transmitted from one object to another. For this transit, it’s not the case; magnetization is not produced by an external body, but from the inside of bodies or matters themselves. A self-magnetization.

On the other end is Mercury reactivating memory for self-magnetization and all it involves, so we will have different paradigms becoming independent from usual guidelines. On the thrid end is Uranus shaping audaciously Reverse Magnetization with new transporters which will flow with their own energy.

“Apparently Venus shall cross the Sun. We shall never know what we saw.
A shadow shall take its place. Doesn’t matter, it shall leave transporters.
New in the public chronology. Coppery fluids flowing with its own energy.

Dispositions seen from Earth
The sudden change in heavens from Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to the Transit of Venus in just two days manifests stronger from Earth view. For June 4 we have a huge entanglement that seems to have no way out, on June 6 the entanglement simply disappears and we just see the Reverse Magnetization unfolded.

For Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse > Decantation within Co-optation
We started the Lunar month looking at Co-optation hiding from us the Solar Eclipse Quantum Leap: Between the Leap and Seizure. For the Full Moon, Co-optation intensifies by greed and causes an entanglement of significant proportions:

An untimely shift insists on going back to settle what only had time to breath between April 20-28 2012 (Chiron, Sun Mars Moon); the woundbleeds again between emotions in search of peace (Moon Sun Venus Mercury) and attacks making it deeper (Mars Sun Mercury Venus); blinded stuborness chasing wat supossedly ‘is mine’ (Venus Moon); the voracity from insatiable waves (Jupiter Neptune); hidden ambitions capable of just anything (Lilith Uranus).

For the Transit of Venus > Reverse Magnetization
On Earth, Reverse Magnetization manifests as great scientific or technological advances, showing us a different nature of things (Chiron Mercury Saturn), revealing infinite possibilities that were under the Co-optation mantle for too long (Pluto Mars Lilith Moon). This makes us live these advances as distant, alien and unreachable. Even when we use them, they are considered someone else’s brilliant idea that hardly touches us. Remember they are not ‘discoveries’, they just received approval to see public light.

At the individual level, Reverse Magnetization is not assumed as a natural process either, we barely speak about it, and if we do it goes through the endless filters of mystifications, idealisms, utopias, social approvals and rejections, beliefs, fears, insecurities, knowledges and unknowings, etc.; following not a rational process, rather an automatic one reacting according to canons we were programmed with culturally. The Moon will not help us much on this.

Emanations from the Moon > Distrustful
From being desolate inside and hurtful on the outside, now she is also distrustful. She was so annoyed with all happenings, what she saw, what she felt, that now when things promising worlds for Her come around, she is distrustful. Likewise when se sees landscapes changing in two days, distrustful. And that’s how we will oscillate, distrustful.

Emanations for Eclipse June 4 > Decantation
From May 20 eclipse and Quantum Leap patterns we pass into the June 4th that returns ‘decanting’ since year 1597 as we will soon see on its historical patterns soon. Decantation defines what was fighting to be for a long time and ends up being assumed. At any level, it’s a timeline decanting situations until they acquire the final shape. You can remember decantations lived in the last returns of the eclipse detailed in this link, as well as data for the eclipse on time, visibility and other.


We’ll be back with Winter Solstice

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