Dorkhyt, A Personal Activator

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‘Return to yourself’ to remember ‘who you are’ and ‘where you are’ is an innate action to anyone.

Guidance is offered guidance for those who have forgotten how to ‘remember’, among other options.

All contents found in Los Bosques, even images have the purpose to help you remember.

Specifically, Dorkhyt, is a restored artifact to help you remember by yourself and at your own pace.

Dorkhyt, is a personal activator with triple use is:

  • Evocator – To remember who you are as a transmuting being and not as a social one
  • Sychronizer – To align with your cycles, worlds and vibrations
  • Personal Imprint – As cosmic identifier
Dorkhyt To remember who you are and where you are. Image is just illustrative, belongs to no one and does not activate
Dorkhyt To remember you are and where you are. Image is just illustrative, belongs to no one and does not activate

Dorkhyt was restored through memory, which is in quality and quantity different from ‘invention’ for there is nothing new under the Sun and knowledge inherent within all is no one’s discovery. It is an artifact as ancient as futuristic and flows with actual currents.

A personal Dorkhyt’s enables to ‘return to yourself’ with broad independence, each one in his own way and pace, greater privacy, lower costs, be able to do it wherever and whenever since you can take it with you if you want to.

If you are searching for yourself and persevere, you will be able to secure that each step reminds you to have your inner self active.

Dorkhyt activates through observation and your own vibration, connecting with yourself and starting to remember automatically, be it consciously or not, and its effects are felt even at the physical level once you synchronize with your vibrations. In consequence, it is recommended to have it at sight in order to maintain active the vibrational levels of your being.

Your Dorkhyt will be active as soon as it is in your screen. Then, you can transfer it to other materials. And you now what? Even if you transfer it in 9 different ways and wherever you make contact with it, activation will be on.

As time goes by, your memory will give your Dorkhyt other uses and utilities that only you know.

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