Full Moon 9 July 2017 The Earth liberates a new reality

Versión en español

Greetings. On flight once again to announce the Full Moon
about to reach its greatest radiance on July 9th at 00:51 UT,
intensifying the energies of last June 24th (New Moon).

Remember the tides for this Solar phase (June 21st to August 6th.)
impregnating us with waves releasing, in all senses and directions,
while on Earth resuming waves are unleashed.

Of course seen from Earth, where nothing is what it seems,
those resuming waves are misinterpreted as conflict,
but before blowing up, it will release itself.

For the Full Moon, Earth joins the Solstice’s releasing vortex,
as protagonist, visiting Pluto’s spaces (conjunction),
and as if she was him, releases and liberates a new reality.

And Doña Luna herself, as if she was the Earth,
intensifies the sensation of floating fascinated;
and, multiplies comforting emotions.

Again, the golden rule for the Lunar month: “hold on to nothing’.

Keep in mind that these are tides flowing through us,
not fateful omens, nor auspicious predictions.
But we do wish you flow them favourably.

We will be back soon.