Historical Patterns for the May 20 2012 Eclipse

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Energies from family Saros 128 start with the Quantum Leap; however they were co-opted by seizing power and violence imposed for the sake of pathological strategies from higher ‘governing’ spheres, leaving us trapped in vicious circles that makes us doubt of what we mention as ‘humanity’.

Here an approach to May 20th. eclipse, with the first eclipse of that family as a starting point and the last four returns, emphasizing a few of the many events unleashed, found with little effort since there are atrocities that speak forever.

First eclipse, 984 1 August > Nineteen days from the death of pope John XIV in the catacombs of Castel St. Angelo,where he was imprisoned during four months by orders of Boniface VII and it’s unknown if he died from starvation, poisoning, was hurt, sick or executed. The antipope, Boniface VII returned in April of that year to Rome to seize the papal throne with resources stolen from the previous attempt to seize the papacy and gold from his Greek followers, besides support from powerful people. Boniface VII was also known as ‘the monster’ for his actions.

Eclipse 1940 April 7 > WWII, April 9 Denmark surrenders to Hitler Norway is invaded by Hitler ! Between April and first days of May, Polish soldiers were masacred by Russia in Katyn.

Eclipse 1958 April 19 > Crisis of May 1958 were a series of events that battered France and propitiated the arrival to power for General Charles De Gaulle amid the threat of civil war in France after the coup d’etat in Algeria by French militaries on May 13 1958. The Crisis of May implied a mortal blow to the French Fourth Republic that soon succumbed to the De Gaulle government, which started a constituency process for the Fifth French Republic. Source “power needs not be seized, it’s enough to fetch it” Charles De Gaulle

Eclipse 1976 29 April > Argentina, March 19, Jorge Rafael Videla’s Coup d’état to Maria Isabel Martínez Perón establishing a dictatorship that strengthened State terrorism during the peak of Plan Condor, violating massively human rights and thousands of dissapeared persons. | June 2, 1976, in Buenos Aires,  Juan José Torres Gonzalez, Bolivia’s former President is kidnapped and murdered, himself removed form power on August 21, 1971 by Hugo Banzer Suarez who fearing a popular uprising opposed the repatriation of his remains and were in Mexico 7 years.

Eclipse 1994 May 10 > Rwandan Genocide, On April 6 presidents from Rwanda and Burundi are killed on a plane, unleashing the genocide, planned and discussed openly on cabinet meetings, murdering hundreds of thousands (at least 800,000) of tutsis,lasting until mid-July, financed in part by an aid international programme PAE (World Bank and IMF) before the international silence that watched from the stage box. During the following three years, Rwanda became the third buyer of arms in Africa.

Emanations from Last Eclipses we had:

  • 10 December 2011 | The Overflowing
  • 25 November 2011 | Reconcentración del Poder
  • 15 June 2011 | Censorship
  • 1 June | Powe Struggles
  • 21 Dec 2010 and 4 January | Change of Course

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