Emanations from the New Moon and Solar Eclipse | July 1 2011

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Emanations from the Eclipse Julio 1 2011 > Shifting in the Axis

Tides coming with the New Moon:

  • Emanations from the Solar Giants: Portals, The Way Out, Transverses (read more here)
  • Three eclipses in 31 days… too much intensity even for the Moon
  • In the Northern Hemisphere it’s the Hot Moon, South the Thunder Moon, in spheric combination ready to re-generate life
  • Among her tides come Transverses impregnating us to reach The Way Out through the Portals
  • When tides rise swollen with emotions, overcharge from intensities will cause alterations in vibrational frequencies, neutralized in some cases and in others exalting them.
  • Water reverberations will indicate when those tides with overcharge appear during the Lunar month, shaking the surface or changing its state to total stillness.
  • Alterations as variations, not total change.
  • Altered states, vibrating in unusual levels, not necessarily negative ones
  • In an altered state we are not just euphoric or hysterical; we meditate, remember, sleep, dream, apply capabilities or potentialities, and other
  • Or simply change the state we are in, we can go from sadness to happiness, from passivity to action
  • An altered state is just a variation from one state to another
  • There will also be altered states in the sense of bursting out, when it’s not from a strong shock and becomes frequent, it’s because there is little control on energies and any breeze disturbs impulses

2011-07-01 Solar Partial Eclipse | Eclipse Parcial de Sol

Eclipse Data:

  • Solar Partial Eclipse
  • Greatest Intensity 08:38:23 UT (04:38:23 BOL)
  • Saros 156 | 69 eclipses | First July 1 2011 | Last July 14 3237 | Duration 122 years | This is No. 1
  • Itś also the smallest Solar Partial Eclipses from Saros 156
  • In this family of Saros there are no Total eclipses, which speaks of minor intensities
  • Visible in the Southern Hemisphere from a D-shaped region in the Antartic Ocean south of Africa
  • A remote place from inhabited territories and NASA said maybe no one will see it
  • It’s the third eclipse we live in the last 31 days
  • The first one in the Northern Hemisphere, the second in almost all inhabited territories and the third in the Southern Hemisphere
  • The least intense of the three eclipses, although the one that will impact us more due to variations its effects will leave
  • These three eclipses will come back year 2029 with the energies of this year

Eclipse Emanations:

The July 1st eclipse irradiates Shifting in the Axis, a shift not like the one we lived during decades (see more here), it’s a minor event both in duration as well as intensity, but certainly shakes the states from the axis with a touch on the key place altering fluids (energies) running there.

Modelo Simple  del Campo Magnético de la Tierra | Crédito: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio | pulse en la imagen para ir a la fuente
Simple Model of Earth's Magnetic Field | Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio | click on image to go to the source

This touch is like when we reach a nerve in our body or like when we hit on the knee and the response is automatic, though the reaction is neutral. In both cases there are variations in frequencies. The significance or effect of this shifting is important in spite of its minor intensity or its short duration for its in the axis, where life fluids spread from one place to another, in and out, in the Great Weave of Fluids linking all existences. If we would remember the nature of our fluids (energies), these explanations would not be necessary and our potentialities would not be lethargic.

While emanations from this eclipse are among us, vibrational variations will be present on the axis of the planet, in territorial vortex, on our spine. Life fluids (energies) are always running form one place to another, its their natural law, it’s against that nature to stagnate or accumulate. To know our energies and learn how to help them follow their course can be related in seen worlds with health. On the contrary, attempts to manipulate energy, accumulate it or stagnate it does not end up very well.

The fact that it’s in the Southern Hemisphere does not mean it’s south of the axis where it will enter or affect. Remember the Southern Pole is South only for the Northern Hemisphere, for those of us in the South it’s our North (see more here). And, the same thing happens in territories and for us, fluids appear altering frequencies can be in any other place, even in unseen worlds or circumstances.

Eclipse Total de Luna 15 junio 2011 | NASA | Image Credit & Copyright: Javier Algarra | pulse en la imagen para ir a la fuente
Total Lunar Eclipse June 15 2011 | NASA | Image Credit & Copyright: Javier Algarra | click on image to go to the source

Considering it’s the first eclipse of the family Saros 156 these are new energies travelling towards us, we still do not know them, not even the ones we will be creating in our lives and surroundings once they reach us. The way we handle these situations emerging now, will define what this eclipse will take for the following decades and centuries (2011 to 3237). An eclipse to be observed not only from the individual point of view,   but also as a window to what we are sowing and what others will receive in the future. A portal to remember how our energies create pendings, what others call karma, but it goes way further than that reaching the links weaving life beyond time and space.

In the wider frame of Solar dispositions, this eclipse comes to be the detonator changing sceneries in life transverses we have abandoned and we can obtain enough impulse to find The Way Out for them, flowing on a different dimension through open Lateral Portals.

In the company of eclipses from June 1 and 15, this one rides along with Power Struggles and Censorship, where Shiftings in the Axis can impact on dominant power axis as well as attempts from the dominant power to manipulate the energies of others to continue maintaining a weaker and weaker power.

Dragging along the Alterations from the New Moon, this eclipse empowers tides, vibrational oscillations, emotions and introduces variations in life structures boosting stagnated life fluids.

Key words to search for additional information on energies and the axis: magnetism, electromagnetism, Nikola Tesla, electricity, acupuncture meridians, Qi, Solar winds

May your energies flow as freely as life!


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